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Project publications

On this page you can learn about the publications, conference presentations, and media appearances that have come out of this project grant. It will be updated as more work becomes available. 

Ezzy, D., Halafoff, A., Barton, G., Banham, R. (Editors) 2024.

Religious Diversity in Australia: Living Well with Difference.

London: Bloomsbury.


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1: Introduction

   Douglas Ezzy, Rebecca Banham, Anna Halafoff and Greg Barton

2: Religious diversity through a super-diversity lens

   Gary Bouma Dharma Arunachalam, Alan Gamlen, and Ernest Healy

3: Attitudes towards religious diversity in Australia

   Douglas Ezzy, Anna Halafoff, Rebecca Banham and Greg Barton

4: Media representations of worldview diversity

   Anna Halafoff, Emily Marriott, Geraldine Smith, and Enqi Weng

5: Migration and religious diversity

   Anna Halafoff, Enqi Weng, Rebecca Banham, Greg Barton, and Gary Bouma

6: Worldview diversity and education in Australia

   Anna Halafoff, Ruth Fitzpatrick and Robert Jackson

7: The multifaith movement in Australia: Representational and relational bodies

   Geraldine Smith and Anna Halafoff

8: Legislation and religious diversity

   Douglas Ezzy, Rebecca Banham, Lori Beaman, Gerry Smith

9: Policing and religious diversity

   Rebecca Banham, Ange Dwyer, Douglas Ezzy, Greg Barton, Danielle Campbell

10: The evolution of preventing and countering violent extremism policy and programs in Australia

   Greg Barton and Anna Halafoff

11: Australian religious diversity in an international context

   Lori G. Beaman


Journal articles

Conference papers and presentations

  • Bouma, G. 2020. "The Radical Differentiation of Religion Challenges its Governance." 3rd Advancing Community Cohesion Conference, Western Sydney University, Australia, 10-13 February 2020.

  • Bouma, G. 2018. “Religious Diversity and Social Cohesion”. Australian Association for the Study of Religion Annual Conference, Auckland NZ, December 2018.

  • Bouma, G., Arunachalam, D., & Healy, E. 2018. “Religious Diversity and Social Cohesion in Australia: A Diversity of Diversities.” Urban Regeneration Movements in the Pacific Rim: Commemorative Conference for the 60th Anniversary of Rikkyo College of Sociology International Conference, November 10, 2018. 

  • Ezzy, D., Bouma, G., Barton, G., Halafoff, A., Beaman, L., & Jackson, R. 2019. "Religious Diversity in Australia: Early Findings". International Society for the Study of Religion Conference, Barcelona, 9-12 July 2019. 

  • Ezzy, D. 2018. "Living well with religious diversity: Deep equality in troubled times". Agnes Heller Lecture, La Trobe University 2018, December 6.

  • Doug Ezzy delivered the 2022 World Interfaith Harmony Week Lecture, titled 'Religious Freedom, Discrimination, and Living Well Together' (February 2022). You can watch the presentation here.

  • Anna Halafoff, Enqi Weng and Emily Marriot presented at an internal Deakin Religion, Society and Culture Network event about 'Melbourne Media Representations of Diverse Worldviews in Covid Times' (November 30 2021). 

  • Doug Ezzy, Anna Halafoff, Greg Barton, Enqi Weng, and Geraldine Smith presented their research during a panel at the International Society for the Sociology of Religion's 36th Conference (July 2021). Together, the team formed a panel titled 'Religious Diversity In Australia: Early Findings (La Diversité Religieuse En Australie : Premiers Résultats)'. 

  • Gary Bouma, Anna Halafoff, Greg Barton, Enqi Weng [panel chair], Geraldine Smith, Douglas Ezzy and Rebecca Banham presented early project findings at the Australian Association for the Study of Religion 2020 Conference (December 2020). You can watch the presentations below. 













  • Anna Halafoff and Geraldine Smith presented their research about religion and public life in Australia as part of a panel at The Australian Sociological Association [TASA] 2020 Conference (November 2020). The panel was chaired by Enqi Weng. You can watch the presentations below.










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